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Selamat pagi dan salam sejahtera

Terlebih dahulu, saya ingin merakamkan ribuan terima kasih kepada Kumpulan Sunway kerana menjemput saya untuk merasmikan program kitar semula, "Discover Recycling at Sunway 2004" ini. Program ini adalah initiatif Kumpulan Sunway sebagai warga korporat yang bertanggungjawab untuk merealisasikan hasrat kerajaan mencapai kadar 22 peratus bagi bahan yang dikitar semula daripada lima juta tan metrik bahan buangan oleh rakyat Malaysia setiap tahun.

Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan,

Izinkan saya meneruskan ucapan selanjutnya dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Last year, while officiating the National Recycling Day at Dataran Putra, our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had urged all Ministries, government departments and agencies to take steps to reduce wastage so that they can be a role model for private companies in terms of waste managements. In his speech he also encouraged government officers and their families to cut down on waste as part of the overall effort towards a paperless government. He even issued a circular to all ministries and departments to encourage printing on both sides of the paper and to ask that staff write or make use the blank side of drafts of non-official documents.

As you can see, the Government is playing a significant part in creating awareness for the recycling effort. The National Recycling Programme which was initiated by placing bins at suitable, publicly accessible sites such as residential areas, community halls and offices, was implemented in 2000. The Ministry has extended the recycling infrastructure by creating collection centers of recyclables at public places especially in housing residential areas. A long-term target to recycle at least 22 percent of waste by the year of 2020 was also set. Three years after the implementation of the programme, we have achieved a modest rate of 3 percent, a figure which is much more lower to 44 percent, as achieved by the developed countries. This pointed to the need for all of us to even work harder and work together to achieve the target.

Ladies and gentlemen,

By recycling, the Government can save up to RM 88 million a year that is if the projected 22 percent rate is achieved. Some of you may not be aware of it but waste management itself cost the Government RM 400 million last year. Now you may ask, how does that affect you? Well, 40-70 percent of the taxes collected by the Ministry goes towards managing the five million tones of waste produced by Malaysians each year. This is a significant amount of money and could be channelled to other worthwhile causes if we can manage waste better. So you can see that waste management is not something which can be put on the back burner for either the Government or corporations.

Although Government bodies play an active role in recycling, I must stress that the 22 percent recycling target rate cannot be achieved only through the Government’s efforts alone. Private companies, communities and individuals have to play their parts as well. That is why I am excited about The Sunway Group’s efforts to instill a recycling culture among its staff and the Bandar Sunway community. I was informed that The Sunway Group had managed to collect over 56,000 kilos of recyclable materials last year. For the first four months of 2004, they have already collected over 76,000 kilos of recyclables. My congratulations to The Sunway Group for a successful start this year.

I would like to see that the initiative by The Sunway Group will achieve its intended result and further inspire other corporate bodies to get on the double with their recycling efforts. I say this because this will not only contribute to the nation’s economic development by reducing the need to extract new economic resources but it is an industry itself that creates jobs and business opportunities.

It is my sincere hope that the government objectives in recycling would be shared and complemented by the like-minded corporate sector, voluntary organizations as well as private entities. Through concerted effort of all, it is only a matter of time that the 22 percent waste recycling target could eventually be achieved.

With that, I am glad to declare the "Discover Recycling at Sunway 2004" opened.

Thank you.