16-Feb-2006HARI : Khamis


1. Today we are witnessing two dynamic and vibrant organizations, both products of MCA, coming together to create a combined strength of the industry and academia to create an explosive partnership that has the propensity to revitalize Malaysia’s SMEs and gear them towards global competitiveness.

2. UTAR, as a young university, has made great strides and its phenomenal growth and highly commendable benchmark of achievements and successful alliances with the industry, research institutes and professional bodies bears testimony that UTAR’s curriculum has been well-received and recognized.

3. MIRC or the MCA ICT Resource Centre, has also made tremendous progress in reaching out to the SMEs and bringing the message of technology empowerment to achieve global competitiveness. MIRC, which started early last year, has made inroads, garnering industries’ supports’ support for its key e-Enablement projects.

4. These two young organizations should be commended because they have excellent foresight to crystallize this collaboration for the benefit of Malaysia’s SMEs.

5. MCA has always put itself in the forefront of education and industry, having set up KTAR and UTAR to spearhead its education initiatives; and the Malaysian Chinese Consultative Council and MIRC to help the industries.

6. SMEs are the backbone of Malaysia’s economy. It is with great concern that our SMEs are facing strong competitive pressures from globalization and trade liberalization from AFTA and WTO.

7. For SMEs to survive, they have to innovate, create better products, re-engineer their business processes, practice new management principles, improve production techniques and embark in research and development.

8. Universities like UTAR can provide much needed research and development, knowledge transfer and key expertise to industries to help them escalate to the next level of competitiveness. R & D cost can be much lower and government grants are also available to universities and private sector collaborations to reduce the cost of R&D.

9. MIRD, with strong industry backing, can provide a conduit for the industry to access UTAR’s expertise and knowledge.

10. I have confidence that the MIRC-UTAR collaboration will succeed in its endeavor to provide the much needed booster to uplift the competitiveness of SMEs in Malaysia.

11. I further urge all SMEs to make full use of the opportunities provided by MIRC and UTAR to escalate their business, adopt technology innovation and be prepared for globalization and trade liberalization.