17-Nov-2006HARI : Jumaat


Y.Berusaha Puan Norliza Hashim
Pertubuhan Perancang Malaysia

Y.Bhg. Dato Fadzil Bin Mohd.Khir,
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Pertubuhan Perancang Malaysia

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Dato’-Dato’, Datin-Datin, Tuan-Tuan dan Puan–Puan yang di hormati sekalian.

Terlebih dahulu saya mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada Presiden Pertubuhan Perancang Malaysia dan pihak Pertubuhan kerana telah sudi menjemput saya untuk sama-sama meraikan kejayaan Pertubuhan ini mendapatkan sebuah bangunannya sendiri. Saya juga ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya dan Selamat Hari Deepavali kepada semua yang hadir terutama kepada anak-anak dari Rumah Anak Yatim Kg Medan dan Rumah Ozanam, Petaling Jaya. Saya ingin mengucapkan syabas kepada Pertubuhan yang prihatin kepada nasib kanak-kanak ini dengan memberi mereka peluang untuk sama-sama bersukaria dalam perayaan yang penuh bermakna ini.

Ladies and Gentlement,

In the age of globalization, and greater urbanization, i feel that town planners have a major role in helping to manage urban growth through your physical plans, which encompasses economic, social and environmental considerations. My observation thus far is that town planners have involved themselves not only in planning and urban design, or in undertaking regional, state and local studies, but planners are also involved in getting stakeholders participation in local development, in project implementation as well as in social capacity building. I believe that planners are ones who can see development in a holistic manner, who are trained to see to the cause and effect as well its impact upon society.

Malaysia has had a long history in planning profession and practice. In fact, i am made to believe that Malaysia is one of the very few countries in the region, or amongst developing nations that has its own town and country planning act, as well as an act to regulate and streamline the practice of the profession. As all of you know, the planning service and the profession of town planning have been recognized as a crucial factor in determining the country’s objectives towards achieving balance and sustainable development. As such, town planners are playing a significant role in charting the future course for the country.

Ladies and Gentlement,

The Malaysian Institute of Planners have always had a close relationship with the Ministry, especially through the Department of Town and Country Planning. This should continue to be a healthy partnership, more so with the opening up of professional services through the WTO. It is my sincere hope to see Malaysian planning experts could widen their operations outside the Malaysian shore and export their services to other developing nations.

Efforts such as this could be done through government to government agreements, which can be followed through by the private sector. Our sophisticated planning systems and its related laws and guidelines should be shared with other nations. Our professional expertise in planning and urban design should also be exported to nations that in need our experience and assistance.

I hope that the MIP, by having its own premises, can be actively engaged in the training and capacity building of not only its members, but also of the community. As stakeholders, the community must be made aware of any development plans or programs. Stakeholders must be empowered to have ownership of plans and programmes so that any implementation of government and private sector projects could be better appreciated and understood, which will eventually leads to the acceptance of such plans and programmes.

Ladies and Gentlement,

I am happy to note that the MIP has also invited community representatives to be part of today’s celebrations. I am glad that MIP has set a good example of being an inclusive institution in fostering closer public-private interaction and cooperation.

I also wish to congratulate the Malaysian Institute of Planners in finally getting their own premises, after what i have been told, a total of 22 years of working towards owning one. Nevertheless, owning a building must not only bring with it a sense of identity and pride, but also, should be a symbol of professionalism and commitment to contribute even more towards the profession and practice in making the country a better place for all.

It is therefore with the greatest of pleasure that i officially declare the New MIP building, open.

Thank you.