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Ms Koid Swee Lian
Director of Consumer & Market Conduct Bank Negara Malaysia

Mr. Michael Kok Fook On
Organizing Chairman & NAMLIFA President

Mr. Ng Lian Lu,
Life Insurance Association of Malaysia President

NAMLIFA National Council,

NAMLIFA Past Presidents,
Branch Chairmen and Secretaries

CEOs of Insurance Companies,

LUA Presidents,

In House Associations Presidents & Representatives,

Valued Sponsors,

Strategic Partners,

Top AKARD Awardees,

Members of the Press and Advertisers,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A very Good Morning to all of you.

First of all, I would like thank the organisor of this event for inviting me to join you in this joyous occasion that is the much-anticipated 30th Mega Convention, organised by the National Association of Malaysian Life Insurance and Financial Advisors, widely known as NAMLIFA. I was told 2008 is a momentous year where 3 simultaneous events takes centre-stage - the annual 30th Mega Convention, AKARD Awards Recognition 2008 and the NAMLIFA’s 30th Year anniversary.

My heartiest congratulations to NAMLIFA and may I extend warm wishes to the team of National Council members, stalwart and loyal members whom I am certain have been contributing selflessly and tirelessly towards achieving the aims and objectives of the organization.

I am pleased to note that NAMLIFA has gained nationwide recognition over the past 3 decades and is now regarded as a forefront dynamic insurance services cum recognized educational provider in the industry, aligning itself relevantly with the regulatory bodies i.e. Bank Negara Malaysia, LIAM, MFPC and reaching out to other insurance bodies in Asia-Pacific countries as well. Your services and contributions, in a micro and macro manner, towards the sustained efforts of Bank Negara Malaysia, in upgrading professionalism and ethical values of the agency force, is a noble and challenging task.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

What I deem as the main stem or core fundamentals that channels any organization onwards and bonds its members together is essentially in the Vision and Mission objectives set forth by that particular organization.

I am impressed with NAMLIFA in adhering to their Vision and Mission Statement which touches on work, dealings, goals, in upholding life values, to be cultivated and manifested in lives of its members, to guide them on as they work hard in their insurance vocations, and become part of the nation’s dynamic insurance industry.

As intermediaries between the insured and the insurers, the agency force plays a vital role in contributing to the development of the life insurance industry and ultimately to the economic growth of the nation.

With the constant increasing demands of consumers and changes in other environmental factors, there is a need for the life insurance agents to make concerted efforts to upgrade and consolidate their practice into one that is competent and efficient to meet higher consumer expectations. Thus NAMLIFA has a challenging task in your quest to champion for a more efficient and effective agency distribution system.

The life insurance industry in Malaysia is a significant component of the overall financial system. Over the years, the industry has undergone great challenges amidst socio-economic changes and yet has registered growth. Bank Negara has announced the introduction of financial advisors (FAs) with the intention for them to be different from the existing intermediary channels in providing services to their clients. They are expected to be able to provide effective financial planning based on a needs-based approach so that they can also provide holistic financial advisory services to customers, ranging from insurance protection, education savings, retirement planning and to investments in the near future.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The theme: “Global Strategy, Local Synergy” chosen for this 30th Mega Convention aptly reflects the power of collective market forces that can be propel into major force by people like you - insurance and financial services intermediaries. This synergy is what I see as the vibrant force that provides the fuel to generate the economy of our nation and this in turn reinforces our standing and image as an Asean Tiger among the countries in South-East Asia.

I applaud NAMLIFA for continuing tirelessly and diligently in organizing conventions such as this 30th Mega Convention that provides a relevant platform for members of the agency force to improve their skills and upgrade on vital industry knowledge that is essential for their insurance career and practice.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all AKARD Awardees for their outstanding achievements in the various categories. Winning this prestigious award is great testimony of your hard work and commitment in maintaining the high standards of productivity and professionalism of the life and financial practitioners.

Lastly, I wish everyone an enjoyable and fruitful time throughout the period of the entire Convention programme.

Thank you.